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Carpet cleaning 101

Hello, and welcome to my carpet 101 blog.

First I would like to introduce my self. My name is Joey, I am the owner of ChemTrue LLC. We are a local carpet cleaning and chemical compounding company. I will talk about the compounding side of the business at a later date.

I wanted to start this blog out by answering questions that many folks have about cleaning their carpet in the home or place of work. And I want to show full transparency with my words. The time to clean your carpet is said to be once a year, but sometimes twice a year. It all depends on how much foot traffic and how many pets are in the residence. I will give you an example; my house, we have 3 adults, 2 kids, 3 cats and 2 rabbits. We vacuum the carpet downstairs twice a week. The downstairs is a very busy area of the house. Upstairs maybe every two weeks or so... The downstair areas with carpet are cleaned twice a year, mainly because I love clean carpet and I have access to equipment. The upstairs, may only be done once a year or even every other year. The transparency that I was speaking about is its all up to you, the customer. I am like everyone else when it comes to spending money. I don’t like spending money if it is not going to give me an exciting evening of enjoyment. I will say after all of this, I recommend once a year, and vacuum your carpet at least once a week. Vacuuming will prolong the life of your carpet and the time between cleanings!

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