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Full transparency carpet cleaning 101

Today I would like to discuss the difference between steam cleaning and ChemTrue Carpet Cleaning

method. To start its basic chemistr. We hand mix each product we use while in a customers home. Our product Neutral PH of 7, is neutral. We first start with a floor scurbber with a soft nylon brush. We apply and Agitate. Easier terms we use to water Mixed with ChemTrue LLC’s Neutral Ph7 soo and scrub the carpet. After this process we go back over the carpet and extract the dirty Water. In the is process we will be extracting the dirty that has been loosen while be scrubed. Our goal is to keep your carpet on the neutral ph side as it would be if brand new. Now, steam cleaner rely on a high ph chemical and high pressure water to clean. One major difference is we will use a little under half of the water a steamer cleaner will use while in your home. Easy diagram for you to visualize. look at your hand, spread your fingers. When steam cleaning carpet you’re only cleaning the outside of the fiber. When scrubbing the fiber you’re cleaning the whole fiber. We do not believe in using anything stronger then we need to get the job done correct. When spots reappear after a few days or weeks, this is due to a ph in Balance. When Using a product higher then a ph of 7 your carpet will become like a magneti and the spots will reappear. Basic chemistr. Make sure to use ChemTrue LLC‘s Neutral ph 7 soap to clean everyday household carpet or upholster.

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