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Founded in 2015

ChemTrue Trailer

ChemTrue started as a carpet cleaning business in Sparks, Nevada. We quickly built a reputation for ourselves as one of the best home and business cleaning services in the area and expanded our service to the communities surrounding Reno.

As our business grew, we were able to partner with, and later acquire other local carpet cleaning services in the area. it became clear that we needed to focus on business sustainability, and one of the top problems we faced was sourcing quality carpet care products that were inexpensive but high-quality.

Neutral pH7

Within a short couple of years, we began researching and developing our own chemical products and found a winning formula that we would later call Neutral pH7, which we still use today for our carpet cleaning service. We have since produced a full line of highly effective floor cleaners and carpet shampoos for carpet care and restoration businesses.

Industrial 7.jpg

It was from this endeavor that we discovered the versatility of the soaps and solvents we were producing and began working with local companies in the automotive and manufacturing industry to develop low-cost, high-quality chemicals for detailers and product manufacturers - This is how we have become a leading chemical compounding company.

Tuxhorn Family

Our clients and customers opinion matter to us


Today, we have succeeded in reaching many of our goals and continue to strive for excellence by improving the quality of our services and the quality of our products. The ChemTrue team is here to help, and we look forward to serving our amazing community of loyal clients and customers! Come be a part of our story...

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