Product Line

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Purple Plus Soap

Purple Plus was designed with the detailing side of business in mind.  This product is aggressive, but gentle on vehicle paint. Purple Plus is a mid-level ph cleaning agent. Purple Plus can be used for cleaning greasy shop floors to shower glass doors. 

Green Plus Soap

Green Plus is a great mild degreaser. We have a wide range of customers that use this product for their business. Everything from food processing plants, to city maintenance shop. Green Plus is a great prespray for the light grime in engine bays, floors and metal freezer/ refrigerators walls.

Blue Force4 Degreaser

Blue Force4 Degreaser is a powerful cleaning agent that is the most effective cleaning agent for cutting grease, gasoline, and hydraulic fluid off of heavy equipment and concrete shop floors.

      Warning Blue Force4 should not be used straight on vehicle paint as it may damage vehicle's exterior paint.

Aluminum Brightener

Aluminum Brightener is great and effective at cleaning the impurities off of raw metals that are needing to be sanded down and polished. Aluminum Brightener is also great for cleaning chrome plated wheels.

     Warning, Aluminum Brightener should never be used near or around glass, as the glass will fog. Make sure user is well qualified before beginning use!

Neutral Ph7 Carpet Shampoo

Neutral Ph7 Carpet Shampoo was designed to be gentle on the cleaning of fine wool, and silk area rugs. This product is great for hand washing upholstery and carpet. It is also useful with a floor buffer while cleaning carpet. Neutral Ph7 has natural optical brightener mixed into each bottle that is produced. 

High Ph11 Carpet Spotter

High Ph11 Carpet spotter is a mid level ph degreasing spotter for use on carpet. High Ph11 is a great prespray for those heavy traffic areas that just will not come clean. As with any high ph product that is put down on carpet and or upholstery, it should always be neutralized to bring the ph back down. If ph remains high on carpet, this will cause carpet to brown and attract soil. 

RSR, Red Stain Remover

RSR is a one of a kind red stain remover for carpet. RSR was designed with everyone in mind. This product can be used with a heat transfer process, or can just be sprayed directly onto desired spot. If RSR is sprayed onto carpet and you're not using a heat transfer process, RSR may take longer to be effective. RSR is effective on kool-Aid, wine, popsicle, fruit punch, and so much more!